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Blind psychosis

Six Part Mini Series Podcast


Set in the 1930's Harper Grayson, (Tony Hale) is a detective who mysteriously wakes up in a haunted house; in the middle of a séance where one of the dinner guests has just been murdered. Through a series of events throughout the night, he is on a race to unlock the secrets of the house, and find the killer before he gets away, despite the fact that Mr. Grayson is blind!  

Starring the voice talents of:  Tony Hale, Camilla Luddington, John O'Hurley, Missi Pyle, Leslie Ann Warren, Diedrich Bader, Nicole Brown, Christopher McDonald, and Curtis Armstrong. 


Audio design

Blind Psychosis was intentionally created from the mind of Ray Griggs with the lead hero being blind, allowing the podcast audience to experience this murder mystery from the perspective of not seeing but hearing it in a true surround sound world. Unlike traditional animations or podcasts that use a single mic recording, Ray wanted multiple mics surrounding the room to capture the performer with 360 degrees sound. In some cases, he blocked out scenes and created a live performance. He has recored an amazing cast, and original score. Additionally hiring sound  designers who work Warner Brothers, and the Legendary Weta Workshop (known for the Lord of the Rings) to create the cover art. 

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