Tales Stranger than Fiction

Tales Stranger Than FictionRay Griggs
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We all feel it... We all know it deep down inside... There is more out there than what we can see.

Take a journey through a portal to the multiverse, where each podcast exposes a glimpse into stories from science fiction, monsters, demons, and tales of the unknown across infinite universes. It’s time to forget everything you think you know and stretch your mind to learn of the tales stranger than fiction.

EP 01

"How do you plead?"

In the not so distant future, an Earth-like planet is finally destroyed by global warming. The remaining human survivors have colonized another planet and are greeted and arrested by a group of superior aliens. They are then thrown into intergalactic court, the future existence of the human race is on trial for the worst heinous of crimes even committed, the destruction of an entire planet.


EP 02


Set in 1942, a private investigator, Frank Mason has been turned on to a case to help a gorgeous widow find her husband’s killer. Only to be woken up and not be able to account for significant chunks of his memory, and to make matters worse his own reflection now looks like the famous actor Humphrey Bogart. Frank soon discovers that this case is much larger than he thinks and it involves a secret and dangerous organization that decides who will live and who dies.

EP 03


Meet Dr. Marley, a geneticist by trade gets into a fight with his wife and ends up murdering her. He then goes to his lab and clones a new wife, where he makes modifications to her psyche to make sure she is more submissive. Don’t worry he has done this over 27 times! Now despite an electrical glitch he now thinks she is perfect... Or is she?

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EP 04

“It’s all good, till the lights go out.”

There is a small town resides on another planet that has four suns. This produces constant daylight and no need for indoor lights, except every four years when all the stars align creating 24-hour eclipse of darkness. The residents typically leave for vacation during that time because mysterious creatures come out of the shadows to feast.