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                                       Tales Stranger Than Fiction

                                       RG Entertainment, Ltd. 

                                       Dive into the mind-bending realms of "Tales Stranger Than                                                Fiction," a premium audio podcast series that promises an                                                immersive auditory odyssey. Crafted with a meticulous 5.1                                                surround sound experience.  From the visionary mind of                                                    filmmaker Ray Griggs, with the soul-stirring compositions of                                              Max Di Carlo and a cast of voice talents that breathe life into                                            every word. Inspired by series like Suspense, Outer Limits and                                          Twilight Zone, this series isn't just a podcast—it's a ticket to


the arcane depths of fantasy, from chilling tales of murder to the vast expanses of science fiction and enigmatic mysteries, each episode beckons with a promise: a journey beyond the ordinary.  With "Tales Stranger Than Fiction," every week becomes a doorway, to another entertaining adventure.  You just have to press play. 


An RG Entertainment Production

Written, Edited,  & Sound Designed by: Ray Griggs

Original Music by: Max Di Carlo

Poster Created by: Didier Konings

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