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  Ray Griggs is a member of the Director’s Guild of America and founder/CEO of RG Entertainment, Ltd. Ray grew up overseas. At the age of 18, he opened an award-winning production company in the Midwest. Now, years later, he has developed a myriad of talents but specializes in creating inspiring, narrative stories which can be commercialized through transmedia.  Ray is able to view the whole picture of a project and see it through to completion due to his talents in storytelling, storyboarding, and technological understanding. This experience enhances Ray’s toolbox of resources, which he can use to tell a better story across multiple platforms.  


He has a thorough understanding of most facets of the film industry, including development all the way through to distribution. He has worked with some of the most talented names and companies in the industry. His experiences include working with Peter Jackson’s WETA (Known for “Lord of the Rings”), Skywalker Ranch, Warner Brothers, Fox, and Universal Studios. Aside from his artistic ability to pick up a pencil and start to draw, produce a line item production budget, or business Pro-forma. He gains inspiration for many of his projects from his admiration for the DC Comic Universe and 1980s films; however, most of all, from his four adventurous children.


A low-budget, Super Hero Comedy feature, “Super Capers” is a film that Ray wrote, directed, and produced. The film won several awards, including “Best Director” at the Cairo International Film Festival, and was picked up for theatrical distribution by Lion’s Gate Entertainment. “Super Capers” was also nominated for a 2010 Saturn Award. Griggs  Distributed on iTunes, HBO, Netflix, Starz, and Amazon Prime.

Ray also co-wrote, directed, and produced a short with heavy VFX short called “Lucifer,” which won several awards including acceptance at the Cannes Film Festival, Accolade Competition, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, and the Beverly Hills Film Festival.


Ray is best known for a live-action short, “The Wind in the Willows”, which is based on the beloved children’s novel by Kenneth Grahame. When Ray’s career reaches the level at which he can fund such an undertaking, the principal photography will be shot in New Zealand with a partnership team that brought audiences features such as “King Kong”, “AVATAR” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

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Writer, Producer, Director, Artist, and Technology proficient.



Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Lionsgate, Netflix, Hulu.

Includes professional film crew to foreign distributors like WETA and Skywalker Ranch.



Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA:

Masters in Business Administration.




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